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  • Aug 2017
  • Answer Almost Any SEO Question Yourself, In An Instant (Even If You Aren’t An SEO!)

    27th August

    I’ve helped over 300 people with parts of their SEO campaigns and have had dozens of SEO agencies as clients. In that time I’ve seen people testing/trying to second guess everything they read - every tip, trick and gimmick under the sun. Here are some easy ways to identify if something is a terrible idea or something worth exploring. The good news is, it'll take you a few seconds.

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  • Marketing Mayweather McGregor, Fakers on Instagram and SEO w/ Trevor Cherewka on SEO UnMasked #004!

    25th August

    On tonight's episode of SEO UnMasked we talk with Trevor Cherewka from Smashing Pixels about light algorithm updates, how to fake instagram branding, local SEO trends and much more! Make sure to look out for Trevor's upcoming book titled 50 SHADES OF GREY HAT!

  • Influencers Are The Key To Saving Money On Advertising

    14th August

    Let's start with the fact you all will love the most. Influencers will review your product if it's a good fit for their audience. Their audience will trust the review because they trust the influencer. When they click through from a review of your Shiraz, they're definitely interested in... you got it - buying your Shiraz. That's pure magic.

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  • ‘The Link Is In The First Comment’ - Oh What A Mess LinkedIn

    13th August

    Being a marketer, I naturally follow a lot of marketers on Social Media. A new trend has developed on LinkedIn that borders on an insane solution to a problem they have created with their new algorithm.

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  • Three Types of Influencer And Why Everyone Is Targeting The Wrong Two

    11th August

    You’ve probably been following the recent trend in advertising, with big brands picking up celebrity endorsements via Social Media, instead of through tired TV spots.

    Smaller brands, on the other hand, desperately turn to influencer marketplaces and Twitter to find bloggers and social media influencers, themselves desperate to review virtually anything they can get their hands on for free.

    Neither of these are optimal.

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  • We Talk UX, Site Security And 'Bad' Influencers On SEO UnMasked Episode #002 August 10 2017

    11th August

    We tackle the bad influencers in the online marketing world, the impact of algorithms on the news as well as inviting Sue Duris to discuss the power of UX on search engine rankings. The latest Neil Patel shenanigans with HTTPS are also discussed. Thanks to Troy Hunt for digging up that little beauty!

  • We Talk Influencer Marketing with Tiffany DaSilva from FlowJo on SEO Unmasked Episode #001

    3rd August

    Episode one of the Reach Creator and WordAgents YouTube show tackles influencer marketing, why you're probably doing it incorrectly, and how Reach Creator is going to market Flowjo. Tiffany, Steve, Garrett and Vin also get stuck into the latest news and gossip from the online marketing world.

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