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  • Aug 2017
  • We Talk UX, Site Security And 'Bad' Influencers On SEO UnMasked Episode #002 August 10 2017

    11th August

    We tackle the bad influencers in the online marketing world, the impact of algorithms on the news as well as inviting Sue Duris to discuss the power of UX on search engine rankings. The latest Neil Patel shenanigans with HTTPS are also discussed. Thanks to Troy Hunt for digging up that little beauty!

  • We Talk Influencer Marketing with Tiffany DaSilva from FlowJo on SEO Unmasked Episode #001

    3rd August

    Episode one of the Reach Creator and WordAgents YouTube show tackles influencer marketing, why you're probably doing it incorrectly, and how Reach Creator is going to market Flowjo. Tiffany, Steve, Garrett and Vin also get stuck into the latest news and gossip from the online marketing world.

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